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As I walk across this empty hall
I look back, count my last steps in this school, my sanctuary.
I’ve walked this path many times, but it’s different now.
With each step, each echo…
I leave here a memory, a laugh, a cry, a part of myself.
I feel empty, as I pour out my feelings.
A last reminisce, a last cry, and finally,
A smile.
As I open the door, I pause for one more moment.
And I think to myself…
I’m going to start anew, fresh, another beginning.
I’m going to right my wrongs,
And become a better person.
As this chapter of my life comes to an end,
As this last teardrop falls,
As this last step is taken,
As this smile fades away,
I promise myself this:
I always and forever will be a Wildcat.
Umm, first poem in three years. XD So yeah, it might not be too good. Originally started helping a friend ( but uhh, I wanted to make one. Heh, so yeah. Comments pl0x?
aBitterSoul Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007
it SUCKORZZZ lol jk xD it rocks :] hehe
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